What are the payment options?  

We accept all common payment methods such as Paypal, Direct bank transfer, iDeal, CreditCard. If you are missing a payment option please let us know and we will work on it. 



What are the shipping costs?  

We charge €5.95 shipping costs.   

Our pricing is such that we want to keep the meter price real and not include the shipping costs.  In the end you always pay the shipping costs yourself, we want to be transparent and honest about this. That is why we have chosen not to include these costs in the cost price of one meter of FABBIES fabrics.


What is the delivery time of an order? 

We start with 10 to 14 working days, every 5 days we collect all orders and prepare a print run for each type of fabric.   

This keeps our costs low and we can continue to offer you these great prices. We expect to be able to reduce delivery times by 5-7 days before the summer. That would be great and is absolutely our goal.


Can I track my order? 

Almost always, only if you have a shipment that is so low in value weight we send without Track & Trace.


Can I also order the fabrics online and come and collect them myself? 

No, but if a rush order has to take place, we can see how we can solve it together. Of course there are costs involved, but as mentioned before, we want to work honestly and transparently. No unpleasant surprises, just nice ones.


To which countries do you ship? 

Worldwide, Antartica may be a bit tricky, but we’re certainly looking into it for you.  



Will I receive a confirmation of my order?  

Yes, we do and much more. We let you be a part of the whole process.


Can I change or cancel an order afterwards? 

Yes, until 18:00 on the same working day you ordered. If you order after 18:00 hours, then the next working day applies. To change your order, please contact   

Something went wrong with my payment, what should I do?

Please contact our customer service team, they will be happy to work it out with you. Mailing is quickest, but chatting is also allowed.  



What is the minimum quantity per fabric?    

That’s the beauty of it, 1 meter! And made especially for you.


Can I also order a sample piece of fabric?

We have a Look & Feel book which can be purchased through our shop. Here is everything in it. If you want samples to have more choice, please mail or chat. We are going to arrange it for you.   


Service and support

How can I reach customer service? 

Via e-mail: or via the chat.